Information for this filmography is derived from the book, W. C. Fields: A Life on Film, by Ronald J. Fields. All films are feature length except where noted.

Release date Title Role Director Notes
1915 (untitled film) Himself Ed Wynn Short film presented as part of the Ziegfeld Follies of 1915; lost film
September 19, 1915 Pool Sharks The pool shark Edwin Middleton One reel; story by W.C. Fields; extant
October 3, 1915 His Lordship’s Dilemma Remittance man William Haddock One reel; extant? (print with French title cards found in 2006)[citation needed]
October 27, 1924 Janice Meredith A British sergeant E. Mason Hopper extant
August 2, 1925 Sally of the Sawdust Professor Eustace P. McGargle D. W. Griffith extant
October 7, 1925 That Royle Girl Daisy Royle’s father D. W. Griffith lost film
May 24, 1926 It’s the Old Army Game Elmer Prettywillie A. Edward Sutherland Story by J.P. McEvoy and W.C. Fields; extant
October 26, 1926 So’s Your Old Man Samuel Bisbee Gregory La Cava extant
January 31, 1927 The Potters Pa Potter Fred C. Newmeyer lost film
August 20, 1927 Running Wild Elmer Finch Gregory La Cava extant
October 17, 1927 Two Flaming Youths J. G. “Gabby” Gilfoil John S. Waters lost film
March 3, 1928 Tillie’s Punctured Romance The Ringmaster A. Edward Sutherland extant?
May 7, 1928 Fools for Luck Richard Whitehead Charles F. Reisner extant?
August 22, 1930 The Golf Specialist J. Effingham Bellwether Monte Brice Two reels; story by W.C. Fields (uncredited)
October 26, 1931 Her Majesty, Love Bela Toerrek William Dieterle  
July 8, 1932 Million Dollar Legs President of Klopstokia Edward Cline  
October 2, 1932 If I Had a Million Rollo La Rue Norman Taurog  
October 9, 1932 The Dentist Himself Leslie Pearce Two reels; story by W.C. Fields (uncredited)
March 3, 1933 The Fatal Glass of Beer Mr. Snavely Clyde Bruckman Two reels; story by W.C. Fields (uncredited)
April 21, 1933 The Pharmacist Mr. Dilweg Arthur Ripley Two reels; story by W.C. Fields (uncredited)
June 2, 1933 International House Professor Quail A. Edward Sutherland  
June 24, 1933 Hip Action Himself George Marshall One reel
July 28, 1933 The Barber Shop Cornelius O’Hare Arthur Ripley Two reels; story by W.C. Fields (uncredited)
September 8, 1933 Hollywood on Parade No. B-2 Himself Louis Lewyn One reel
October 13, 1933 Tillie and Gus Augustus Q. Winterbottom Francis Martin Fields as contributing writer (uncredited)
October 22, 1933 Alice in Wonderland Humpty Dumpty Norman McLeod  
February 9, 1934 Six of a Kind Sheriff “Honest John” Hoxley Leo McCarey  
April 6, 1934 You’re Telling Me! Sam Bisbee Erle C. Kenton Fields as contributing writer (uncredited)
April 27, 1934 Hollywood on Parade No. B-10 Himself Louis Lewyn One reel
July 13, 1934 The Old Fashioned Way The Great (Marc Antony) McGonigle William Beaudine Story by “Charles Bogle” (W.C. Fields)
October 19, 1934 Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch Mr. C. Ellsworth Stubbins Norman Taurog  
November 30, 1934 It’s a Gift Harold Bissonette Norman McLeod Original story by “Charles Bogle” (W.C. Fields)
March 22, 1935 Mississippi Commodore Orlando Jackson A. Edward Sutherland  
July 26, 1935 Man on the Flying Trapeze Ambrose Wolfinger Clyde Bruckman Story by “Charles Bogle” (W.C. Fields)
October 13, 1935 David Copperfield Wilkins Micawber George Cukor  
June 19, 1936 Poppy Professor Eustace P. McGargle A. Edward Sutherland  
February 18, 1938 The Big Broadcast of 1938 T. Frothingill Bellows

S. B. Bellows

Mitchell Leisen  
February 17, 1939 You Can’t Cheat an Honest Man Larson E. Whipsnade George Marshall Story by “Charles Bogle” (W.C. Fields)
February 9, 1940 My Little Chickadee Cuthbert J. Twillie Edward Cline Bar scene written by W.C. Fields
November 29, 1940 The Bank Dick Egbert Sousè Edward Cline Story by “Mahatma Kane Jeeves” (W.C. Fields)
October 10, 1941 Never Give a Sucker an Even Break The Great Man Edward Cline Original story by “Otis Criblecoblis” (W.C. Fields)
October 30, 1942 Tales of Manhattan Professor Postlewhistle Julien Duvivier Sequence with Fields cut from original release, restored for home video (VHS)
May 5, 1944 Follow the Boys Himself A. Edward Sutherland Fields revived his old trick pool table routine
June 21, 1944 Song of the Open Road Himself S. Sylvan Simon Fields juggled for a few moments
June 30, 1944 Sensations of 1945 Himself Andrew L. Stone Fields revived part of his old “Caledonian Express” sketch
unreleased The Laziest Golfer Himself (unknown) Footage shot but never assembled


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